Not everybody

Not everybody

Do you think I laugh alot? Do I look always happy? No, absolutely not. Everybody sees my smile, hears my giggle, but only whom I believe could see me cry.

They may thought I was easy. Laughing with everybody. Give them a hand.  I just couldn’t express my thing execpt those happiness with others. I do want to share my tears, my worries, I want to be heard. But it just not right.

I would like to cry alot. But I know no one would understand my sadness. So, is it necessary? I don’t think so. I can count how many people were saw me cried. Could I count my heart on? Do I have to only provide happiness? Could I stand by my self?

I feels like a long time to let go out my felling. I might run into the phase I should avoid. But whatever it is, the smiles, tears, hurts, relieves are apart of me. Not everybody. Maybe somebody. Or anybody? Boellayo.


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