Yes Fey

Yes Fey

Yes Fey i can’t go back. Reverse everything. Should we go Fey? To neverland. I ain’t Soledad. But it looked like her. Uh. Yes Fey. I knew it. I did that mistake. My fault. So, what should i do Fey? Being a fool a whole day? Yack! No Fey. I could not learn from my past journey. Again again and again. Other missed. I would like to scream out. But should i Fey? Yes Fey. I totally understood! Is it my alter ego who  just deny deny deny? Perhaps. Hey Fey. I misa you a lot. How far i went away? But you just stay there. Hmmm… Fey like you said. Adaptation or acomodation? Shall we do both? Even i know that must be hard. Fey.. Help me. Swept the traces.


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