*kenang-kenangan dari Pare, ditulis Kiky sendiri


For the sun shine

For the stars which decorate the night

I stand on uncertainly

One by one my knitts lost at the time

May I get these dreams?

The wishes which are always shadowed by failure?

Covered up by worries in behavior


Dear honesty

Where’s your promise to help me catch my wishes?

You have said to me that when I am with you, I’ll get the absolute victory!

That having you same as holding the world

“Rubbish!” realities shouted loudly

“go away! Or you’ll get the unfair

See! This is the world


I start to think

Am I wrong for a long time? Closing my eyes and being naïf

Pretending that the mistake never did

How can it be? STUPID!

Look at that! Open your eyes

How many people are suffering and crying for their honesty? Look at them!

Written by; k-c


Stop!!Stop!! Please stop!!!

Push your noise away, that so disturb!

Honesty maybe don’t bring you to be a rich person

But honesty brings me to the kindness and God blessing.


Hush…. Could we calm down for a while?

Let’s learn from mirror.

Mirror always says what it sees

Let’s learn from the birds

Without worrying of people say, they are flying

That’s should be us..

That should be honesty and our bravery to say “here I am, I stand by me” because it’s time to


Open our wings and fly


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